Thursday 16 January 2014

It's Coming!

It's coming, I could feel it and more to the point I've had it confirmed by the lighter Naughty Twin. 
I was sitting up at the back window, enjoying some of the morning breeze when I saw the lighter Naughty Twin running across C's back fence, go up to the sunshine shed and sit there deep in conversation with someone I couldn't see.

I didn't want to interrupt her but I did want to catch her to ask if there were any more developments so when she turned around I called her over. She was safe making her way up the garden, Daddy had blocked the door to stop River going out and doing her usual barking act.

I've just had a chat with Doublay, she told me, pausing to catch her breath before continuing.
Doublay said that the Foxes and the New Cat Crew had been huddled together plotting and that they were planning on attacking some point over the next few days.

I was confused as ever about Doublay's involvement, I never really knew if he could be trusted but there would seem to be no reason for him to make up such a thing.

The lighter Naughty Twin couldn't hang around for long as she said she had to find Mogsie to tell him. I'm guessing the Cat Council meeting will be brought forward, oh I do hope he's been working on his plan and it's finalised, I can feel the tension in the air.