Friday 10 January 2014

The More I Thought the Less Clear A Solution Became

Mogsie has just come by on his way back from visiting Ginger Cat.

Since the Naughty Twins came by earlier I've been pacing around trying to find a solution to this problem that has gone on for way too long now but the more I thought the less clear a solution became. Daddy always says over thinking can cause more problems that are necessary but it's easy to say that when you're not in the midst of a storm and from what Mogsie said we are.

He said Ginger Cat had seen Foxy, Flash, Chameleon and Tiger all grouped together at the weekend, looking very much thick as thieves but when they saw him all ran off. I don't think they know that Ginger Cat is an honorary member of our Catworld and that we have fairly regular contact with him. Of course if his Catworld ever needed help we would be there for him too!

Anyway Mogsie said that he'd had a bit of a sniff around to follow their trail and it led all the way down to the tunnel at the end of the road when he lost their trail, which although no longer flooded is still wet.

Mogsie said that he's prefer it if I remained inside, no arguments there, as he thinks that I'm still at the top of Foxy's revenge list. Oh why can't he just get over it, he gave me grief, I gave him a slap?

Mind you there's a lot more of them this time and they are confusing in their actions, I suppose they've been using the surprise element to their advantage. At least we know they are around again, every time I start to forget about them they seem to pop back up again. 

Still it's nice to know Mogsie cares, he's looking mighty fine today, I must say.