Monday 27 January 2014

Two Centurions

Look at them, they are like two centurions, Mogsie and the lighter Naughty Twin, looking over and protecting Catworld. 

I'm so fond of the lighter Naughty Twin, she has really grown into a very strong and caring individual, just to think only 18 months ago there I was worried sick about her crossing the road and here she in now, day and night out there in all weathers looking out for us.

Mogsie of course has always been our hero but my feelings for him just keep on getting stronger and stronger as time goes by. No matter what has happened between us I always keep on coming back to him even though I'm not sure my love is reciprocated no matter what signs he occasionally gives off.

Oh best go, he's caught me staring at him and I can feel my cheeks reddening.