Friday 17 January 2014

Well That Backfired!

Well that backfired!

I was in one of those moods this morning, I think it's been all the tension in the air waiting for a move from Foxy and the New Cat Crew and news of Mogsie's plan and I guess it's just all got to me.

I came downstairs and saw River all nice and snuggled up dozing and something just came over me and I walked right by her and waved my tail in her face. I knew I wanted to get a reaction and I got one, up she got and chased me, barking away.

Daddy however wasn't happy, as soon as he got off the phone he chased River, picked her up and brought her back to her day bed. River however wasn't going to settle and up she got again. I should have noticed Daddy wasn't in the mood but I didn't and as soon as she settled I did the same again.

Up she got again and chased me. Daddy did a huff and followed her again.

I thought by this stage I'd better stop but I guess the blood was pumping around River and she wasn't ready yet and went into a barking fit.

Oh the look on Daddies face said not impressed, his words to be confirmed it!

He's now taken her out and I'm left in here all on my own, no daddy, no River, no Mogise, no Naughty Twin, no company at all!

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