Monday 20 January 2014

Strength In Numbers

It's a very frosty morning and I wasn't expecting to see much activity until the weather had warmed up a bit but I was wrong. 
Just as the sun came up I heard a call from outside and there on the front doorstep was the lighter Naughty Twin urgently trying to get my attention.

I indicated to her to go around the back, luckily Daddy had the back window open as he'd blocked my usual exit with the bin to stop River from going out and barking into thin air.

I ran up to the table and found her waiting for me. 

I asked her if she was OK, her face said she wasn't.

I must be quick, she said, Mogsie's asked me to spread the word, George has heard they are planning to make their move today or tonight.

What! Although we'd been aware that they were going to be making a move shortly, it's different waiting for news and then getting it.

What's the plan? 

Mogsie is rounding up all the troops but has asked us to keep ourselves from being spotted if possible. As soon as any of them are spotted raise the alarm and we'll all come running. There's strength in numbers.

Yes this is true! At that point River finally burst into the garden, jumping around in circles and attempting to get up onto the table.

Right I'm off!

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