Friday 31 January 2014

Blimey I Was Not Expecting That! - Part 2

As I closed my eyes I could feel myself beginning to fall into a deep sleep.

Now it's not a widely known fact but us cats do in fact dream. Sometimes it's about eating fish and chasing flies and laughing at dogs and things like that but sometimes the dreams are a bit out there, a bit trippy!

Today I was having one of those kind of dreams, very different from any sort of dream that I've had before. I guess it's the effect of the injection! I've heard this sort of thing can happen especially if you are unwell. Daddy says sometimes when you are very unwell you can have hallucinations and even be awake and things that seem one way are actually another.

In front of me was a great big hole but it wasn't a normal hole like you find in the ground, this one was made of a rainbow, a rainbow that had been wrapped around and around like a helter-skelter. A warm yellow glow shone out like a beacon straight up into the bluest sky you could possibly imagine.

Now us cat's have a history with holes, some good, some bad. Holes have plagued Catworld this past year with the men constantly coming and digging things up in the road, winding Daddy up, holes also played a big part in the Tale of Two, the real reason why us cats have nine lives, which by the way I haven't forgotten about even though it's been a while. I really must tell you the end of that particular tale, it has a strange twist that no one saw coming but now is not the time, there's more pressing matters.

I felt warm here and moved to peer inside this hole, when I noticing my legs were working fine again. Actually I felt really well. I think it was at that point that I first believed I was having a dream, just a second ago I was in with Daddy and the Doctor and I couldn't move properly and felt really tired and now here I was wide awake and everything was fine.

As good as some injections can be I was sure they couldn't work that quick to get everything back to normal and it wouldn't explain how I got here. Yes it must be a dream!

I steeped back from the hole and sat down perplexed.

Surely if you are having a dream though you don't know it's a dream, while you are having that dream? It felt like one but how can that be? What is going on here, this is weird? But you know what I didn't feel the slightest bit worried either.

That must have been some powerful injection to do this to me and if it is a dream maybe I should stop trying to think about things and just go with it. You can't always direct dreams yourself, things just happen.

All of a sudden I heard a whirling noise coming from inside the rainbow hole, the warm yellow glow pulsed brighter and a rapid breeze started to rise. I sat there totally still just watching as the whirling got louder, the breeze turning into a gale and then a hurricane.

Well OK, I guess this is what's going to happen next then, just go with it, you're always safe in dreams.

Sweesssshhhhhh, the whirling grew to a roar. Then...


Out of the hole like a speeding train right into the sky and out of sight flew an owl  with it's wings features of pure rainbow. Wow a Rainbow Owl, it was struggling to gain it's balance, a waste of time by the looks of it.


I moved closer to the edge, the hurricane still blowing and poked me head over the edge of the rainbow hole.

From the bottom objects were coming at me very fast, I pulled my head back just as quickly.

Pop! Pop!

A cat flew out laughing it's head off , quickly followed by a rabbit  it's big ears flapping around and slapping it's bottom. Each of the three shoot off into a different direction in the sky and out of sight.

As soon as the rabbit flew out of site the hurricane stopped as rapidly as it started.

Blimey, I wasn't expecting that! Although what I was expecting I just don't know.

This is just bizarre. Goodness only knows what this dream is trying to tell me. Sometimes dreams are supposed to be your sub-conscience trying to give you information.

Daddy has a book in the office about dreams and their meanings I could do with having that here with me now but you've just got to work with what you've got, my catty powers seemed to have deserted me.

Out of the corner of my eye, just over to my right right out of thin air a great big dog appeared. This wasn't a dog like River this one was at least four times her size and a gorgeous chocolate colour, just like the big toy doggie that River has.

He looked at me and smiled, nodded towards the hole as if to say you joining me and jumped straight in.

I ran over to the edge and saw the dog, growing smaller and smaller with each second. I stood there just watching him fall, this hole was deep, surely he must reach the bottom soon but it didn't look like it had a bottom, he just kept on going until he was nothing but the size of a pin prick.

Right well that's my mind made up, dream or no dream, able to influence a dream or not there's no way I'm going down there. I know I'm an excellent jumper but that's just too far. I closed my eyes and  pinched myself, Daddy told me that if you are in a dream if you pinch yourself you might be able to wake yourself up.

I closed my eyes, pinched my front leg. I tired to listen to see if I could hear any familiar sounds but nothing, just silence. I opened my eyes hoping, despite the silence, to be back with Daddy but no, there was a pair of eyes millimetres away from mine staring and blinking right back.

I jumped back, as did the Meercat, who then back-flipped right into the rainbow hole.

I shook my head to try and clear it, silly thing to do wake yourself up from a dream by pinching your arm, has it really ever worked? Not for me it hasn't but I tried all the same.

I ran back to the rainbow hole and peered over the side to watch the Meercat, who seconds before was just a touch away, disappear into the distance.

What is down there? I said out loud.

Why don't you jump in and see for yourself my pretty, darling, lady Lil'

I knew that voice and without another seconds hesitation I jumped right in knowing Troy Lamore would be waiting for me on the other side!