Saturday 25 January 2014

Calm After The Storm

Well two days and all's been quiet, no signs or movements from either Foxy or any members of the New Cat Crew, it's the calm after the storm and I've been doing a lot of thinking about recent events.
I must admit they were very ingenious making us all think that we were the targets when in reality they had their sights set on our friends all the time. Their plan worked well although I'm still unsure as to why Ginger Cat's Catworld was targeted I've never heard of any beef between them, Ginger Cat generally keeps out of any signs of trouble and what did he get for that, a wrecked garden and rubbish everywhere.

I've been enjoying the sun and was hoping to catch sight of Mogsie, George or either of the Naughty Twins to see if they'd heard anything more but surprisingly no one's out enjoying this rather clement weather. Still no news is good news I suppose.