Saturday 22 February 2014

I Closed My Eyes And Pretended

Well that peace was short lived. 

Mogsie moved off but I thought if I waited here long enough he'd come back and the feeling of bright was so lovely that I closed my eyes and pretended that everything was normal and that it was just a typical Saturday afternoon, anytime he might walk by and we could exchange a few words and a smile. My emotions are still working fine though which is a plus and so I totally enveloped myself in the feeling. Ahh.
It was quickly broken by the sharp shrill of River barking out the window and snap I was back to the present situation. What was all that noise about I and turning to look I could see George was sitting by Daddies car.

I had no idea how long he had been there but I was guessing not for long, baby would have made a lot more noise a lot earlier, she doesn't miss a trick.

I peered over her shoulder and he was looking right in this direction. Grasping the bull by the horns I ran out the back, around the side and right up to him and plonked myself down right in front of him.

I hadn't been this close for a while, I wanted to see if proximity would provoke a reaction. Watching him intently I noticed a slight ruffling of his coat that I couldn't put down to the wind, there was none!

My heart jumped a little, he sniffed the air, he could sense something was different.

A moved right in front of his face and blew onto his nose, watching closely to see if there was any reaction. He twitched it.

It worked he could feel something. I wasn't sure what to do, this was fantastic news and a massive breakthrough.

Just as I was lost in my thoughts of my next action he got up and started to walk away, my heart dropped. No stay here, STAY! I called out but of course he heard nothing, and then he spoke.

I know, he said and carried on up the pathway.

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