Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Little Experiment

I'm feeling confused, disappointed and more than a little sad today. 

After my experience with George yesterday i was so looking forward to last night and my little experiment on River and the Daddies, I waited until everyone had settled down, thinking that when they were all peaceful would be the best time to try, they wouldn't be moving about and all that.

River was asleep next to Disappears so I thought best not to disturb her, she needs the rest at the moment. Stay was laying down on the sofa watching some film, he looked sleepy so I thought he'd be the best pone to try.

Jumping up on the arm of the sofa next to him, he moved slightly. I felt excited, maybe he had felt something but then he just plumped up his pillow so maybe not. When he settled back down and put his drink down I peered over the top of his head and blew as hard as I could.


I wasn't going to give up on the first attempt and blew again. 

Nothing again.

Looking into his eye I could see they were beginning to close, he was getting more and more tired. Right third time lucky and I jumped onto his chest so I was facing him taking the biggest breath possible I blew as hard as I could. I guess I knew before that there would be nothing and I wasn't wrong.

Feeling very dejected I moved up to the table in amongst all the bric-a-brac and sat down. You still feel emotion you know and a wave of heaviness washed over me. What if I never managed to make them notice that I'm here? What if this was it?

I stayed here when they all went to bed deep in my thoughts. Time can be a strange thing and almost before I knew it the sun was up and I spotted George outside and my heart lifted a little and I resolved not to give up. If I can just make that breakthrough with him maybe he can help me!