Thursday 6 February 2014

Cuddling Up Is The Thing I MIss The Most

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, that's all it's been doing today. No sign of anyone so I've been stuck with Daddy and River for company, not that they are much company today. Daddy's been working all day, even though he's still bunged up with cold and poor little River seems to be entering her lady times, as she likes to call them. I'm lucky I haven't had any of those since Charlie and my girls were born but I do remember so just wanting to cuddle up and be left alone when they were around.

Ever since what happened, happened I seem to have become even more motherly towards River and found myself really wanting to just lay by her and feel her little body go up and down as she dozed off, she really was quite warm and comforting to be next to sometimes.

I've found that since I've not been able to, cuddling up is the thing I miss the most. Still I'm lucky enough to get the chance to still be around my darlings, but it's slightly bitter sweet.

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