Saturday 15 February 2014

Got Away With It

Phew, thank goodness that night is over. I was up all night looking out for River and my Daddies, I didn't think the wind or the rain would ever stop! I don't have to sleep these days although I do like to curl up and close my eyes and imagine what sleep feels like, amazing how you miss it when you can't sleep any more.

Anyway it was so bad last night that I didn't even pretend to go to sleep, sitting up on the window ledge in the bedroom, looking out over the garden. I saw the fence blow this way and that, bit of luck Daddy tethered it down again yesterday afternoon in preparation and the tree's were almost blowing over. At one point I was very concerned about Craig as Squirrel Tree nearly bent double, I hope they found somewhere safe to hide out of the worst of it but luckily it stayed upright.

Finally when the sun came up I could see more clearly that we'd got away with it. Well nearly, the wall post at the back had blown down and landed on the fence, but it was all still holding up and as soon as Stay Daddy got up he went out there and straightened it back up again before checking that we still had all the roof tiles, which we did. I hope that's the last of it now, I know I'm OK but I'm still really scared for everyone else, I can see the lighter Naughty Twin out and about, the first to show her face as ever, she seems to be doing the same as me, just checking all's OK.