Friday 14 February 2014

My Loves

Disappears Daddy is home today. He works very, very hard at work and he's taking one of the days off he's due because he's been working at home at the weekends and he said it would be lovely to spend time with us all on Valentines Day.
I forgot it was Valentines Day. Stay says it's just a day of rampant commercialism but he still brought Daddy a card and a present and gave River an extra special treat, he said to show her how much her loves her. I also heard him tell River that he was missing me. I'm here Daddy, I'm here just listen out and you might be able to hear me!

Anyway he settled in the window and I joined him. It's always such a good place to see everything going on. There was River chewing on her tooth stick and out of the window despite the rain I saw both of my boys. 
George was having a wander through a few of the gardens looking a little down of mouth and Mogsie walked from around his back, another one not looking too happy today. 

Mogsie looked over this way and for a split second I forgot he couldn't see me and waved over, no response back and then I remembered and my heart sank a little. It does take some getting used to this state of being and it's beginning to get frustrating that no one can see me. As soon as this damn rain stops I'm going up to The Wiseman to see if he can help me, I'm determined to beat this somehow.

Still it's fantastic to see all my loves today, I feel very lucky indeed!

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