Wednesday 26 February 2014

My Trip To See the Wiseman

I wasted no time, time was no longer as important to me as it once was, time moved differently for me now but I still wanted to get an answer as quickly as possible, who knew how long this current phase of progression would last.

Wiseman, I called out as soon as I got there, I need your help.

Hello Lil' I've been wondering when you'd be coming back to see me.

He always knows, I thought to myself.

I need your help Wiseman, I've been managing to make myself known to George and today he heard me, but only sometimes. I don't know why or what to do next. Please help me.

He just stood there same as always, same as ever, good dependable, wise, Wiseman.

Lil', you need to think carefully, think about what you have learned since you came back. Think about what you did differently when George heard you and when George didn't. Think about your feelings, think about your motivation. THINK Lil' think and you'll find your answer.

Can't you just give me the answers, I pleaded.

I wish I could Lil' I wish I could but the answers are personal I'm afraid I can help you by giving you the questions but I can't give you the answer. The answer lies inside you. Think about what you've learnt so far and you'll find your way.

If he could have smiled I swear he would have. The Wiseman has never let me down and I took in his words.

Right I must think of what I have learnt since coming back and think about my motivation. Right that's clear so that's what I shall do.

Thank you Wiseman, I said. Thank you.