Wednesday 26 February 2014

True To His Word

True to his word George came back, mind you I have been waiting all day.

Just as I was beginning to give up hope that George was coming back today and I could have another attempt at making contact with him I heard River barking out of the window in the direction of C's house.

I jumped up next to her and just about in sight I could see him sitting there on C's doorstep. I've no idea how long he had been there but the sun's been shining all afternoon so for all I know it could have been hours.

I rushed outside and without a seconds thought ran up to him. When I was here, you know before I mean, I very rarely ventured outside at the front but now all my fear has gone and it's like second nature to me.

Anyway there i was sitting right in front of him and almost immediately I could see his coat rising.

Hello, he said

This was a very positive sign, he'd noticed a change straight away, I'm getting better at this I thought.

Hello, I called back.

No immediate reaction but I do think I saw a slight pricking up of his ears but he might just have been listening out for me, he did call out to me after-all!

I blew on his nose.

He sniffed.

I know you are there Lil'. My heart raced but I didn't know what to do.

Can you hear me? He said. Are you there?

YES I'M HERE, I shouted but again nothing.

Oh this was so frustrating, although he could now sense my presence straight away and could feel my breath he just wasn't able to hear me.

Help me help you. George said and readjusted his position in the sun. Oh how I wished just for a second I could feel the heat, I loved laying in the sun.

I didn't know how to help him hear me though, there's not exactly a guide book for these kind of situations.

Ahhhh, I called out in sheer frustration and he sat up.

Lil' I heard that, Lil'!

OMG. Right what should I do.

AHHHH I called out again, but nothing.

Right I needed to think what had I just done differently. Well I called out in frustration and maybe a little bit of anger but these are not emotions you can fake, I'm not a studied actress. Still it didn't stop me from trying.


No nothing.

If cat's could cry I'd be a wet mess by now.

Oh PLEASE someone help me!

Lil', George sat up, I heard you Lil'. LIL'

He'd heard me, I nearly back flipped again, enough adrenaline was running through me. How had he heard me that time? My mind was racing.

Lil' if you can hear me, I think we'd better be careful, we seem to have an audience.

George nodded over the road where Emma, Mogsie and the Darker Naughty Twin where all staring in this direction with quizzical looks on their faces. Could they hear me, I wondered to myself?

Then it struck me, no of course they couldn't but they could see George sitting there looking like he was talking to himself and I laughed.

George smiled, I heard that too. Oh Lil' that is you, how I've missed you.

He heard that too! But how? Why some things are not others?

I hope you can hear me Lil', I think we need some help but I don't want to let anyone else know what's going on, not yet. I need some time to think.

Then it struck me, Oh my goodness the answers been here all along and yet I'd forgotten, I must make a trip. A trip to see The Wiseman!