Sunday 2 February 2014

Oh She's Awake Is She?

Sunday mornings haven't changed much I see. River and Disappears both having a sleep in, River snoring away on the sofa, Stay Daddy downstairs catching up on the news. I decided to join him. Sunday mornings was the time I used to look forward to the most, especially in the Summer with the sun shining through and me cuddled up just having a look out in to the street to see who was around, having a nose and a doze.
I spotted Sarah and called out to her. She carried on her and then I remembered, this was a different Sunday morning no matter how much it felt the same. I felt a strike of sadness and looked at Daddy. Behind him a head poked up.

Oh no River's on the move!

Oh she's awake is she? Yes, well I did kinda gather that!

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