Thursday 27 February 2014

That's the Answer, Be Real

Phew George came back, luckily!

I know it wasn't her fault but I got really annoyed with River for scaring George off earlier and a month or so ago I know I would have ended up hissing at her. Mind you a month or so ago it wouldn't have been so important for us to meet up.

River was out the back whinging for some more treats or something so I knew the coast would be clear and looking out the front window there George was sitting on the grass looking in. 

Oh it would all be so much easier if he could just hear me but that's the point and why we are here. George was putting in the effort and so must I.

I tried to remember what I had learnt so far and called out



Oh here we go again


Nothing again. Oh for goodness sake


He looked up. There is was again, he heard me and smiled up at the window.

Right what had I done the third time, been almost ready to give up and it was a bit of a lack luster attempt but at least it was real.

I smiled to myself, that's the answer, be real. Right now I just need to be real all the time and not try too hard. This is gonna be fun!