Saturday 1 February 2014

A Gale of Hailstones

I came back in from speaking to TheWiseman, feeling a bit more informed and a step closer to understanding.

Contemplation was what was needed, it felt like a great challenge was in front of me and I tired to remember what I had learnt from my previous trials.

Sitting in the window in the front always used to help me so I headed there, jumping over Daddies legs outstretched with River on them asleep. Lucky dog, I could really do with that space right now but to sit next to them, something I know I am lucky to be able to experience, was something I just realised I longer for.

As I settled to look outside I noticed George sitting just staring up, weepy eyed as ever.

I smiled, ah my George. Nearly.

We remained friends after everything that happened, a feeling that now made me warm inside. I guess that's what gladness feels like. I wondered if he could see me or not and moved my head side to side to see if he reacted. But nothing!

Behind him Mogsie walked by head down, solemnly pacing up C's pathway. Wow I was being spoilt both of them at one time. We'd have chatted before I'm sure or he would have winked at me but now he didn't even know I was here. It must be a little bit like being in that house show that the Daddies watch, people in the house on TV can't see their love ones are watching but their loved ones can look in any time they wish. Um interesting thought that.

All of a sudden the skies opened and a gale of hailstones began to batter the ground and George ran off.