Saturday 1 February 2014

High Hopes

It's Saturday night and everyone had settled down for the evening. I used to like Saturday nights, wandering down once River had settled , falling asleep on Daddy while we watched a movie.

Even though this Saturday night was going to be like no other I'd ever had before I wanted to be around everyone and just enjoy the warmth of our family. 

River was on one tonight and I think the Daddies were encouraging her to go on a mad one. Disappears sat on the floor and played with her for ages teasing her with his hand. I know if River could have seen me in that state I'd have been chased all around the house not getting the chance to even be near Daddy so I can see some advantage to the way things are now, I can go anywhere in peace!

Then Daddy said that the girl and the boy were going to come around tonight,. Now the girl has got many talents, one of which is trying to talk to those that are on the other side so I had high hopes for her coming around maybe she'd been able to sense me at least, so when she settled down I sat right by her next, hoping my proximity would help her to pick up on her own powers. Sadly nothing, I suppose you need a calm atmosphere to help with that sort of connection which you can't really get when the baby is on a big one.

Still I can try again next time she comes around, for now. Well I'm just enjoying being with everyone. Thank goodness I came back.

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