Monday 24 February 2014

Not Language For A Delicate Lady To Hear

I'm flying right now.

I was sitting up with Daddy watching him get annoyed and frantically searching because something he' set up to tape on the SKY box hasn't taped again. I'm glad it's hard to unplug otherwise from the language that's coming from his mouth I swear it would have been chucked out the window if he could grab it without making a huge mess, he's been getting frustrated at missing the first minute of Eastenders for the past couple of months.

He's ranting about, as he calls it, bloody SKY conning b*****s. Oh not language for a delicate lady to hear but I can understand his frustration.
Anyway I was up with him hoping my presence will somehow calm him and I spotted George looking right at me. He was on the other side of the road and staring, this cannot be a coincidence and I called out to him and the most amazing thing happened. He walked right over!

Well I back flipped, something I have never done before, I wasn't even sure where it came from but up in the air I went and back down again. By the time I settled myself he was on the front door step looking right in my direction.

Luckily the window was open although not enough for me to get through and I didn't want to risk running around the back and George be gone but I moved my mouth right to the gap and called out again and he looked in the direction of the open window.

He could hear me, I just new it.

One thing I should have learnt was never to ponder when River was awake as I paused thinking what I should do next and River jumped up and over Daddy right into the window and started barking at George, and running up and down the window ledge trying to get through the window. George promptly ran off.

Still at least I know for sure, I'm one step nearer!

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