Sunday 16 February 2014

I've Got A Lot To Learn Still

The Naughty Twin are onto something as well, they've both been keeping a very close eye on this place today. I know the lighter Naughty Twin assigned herself the task of looking after River for me so I wasn't that surprised to see her walking around but the darker naughty Twin is also sitting up keeping an eye out at the back. 

I think George must have spoken to them and they are seeing whether they can pick my presence up. I'm going to make sure I do my best to be felt when they are here next. I wanted to today but my energy levels felt down. I have noticed that although I don't sleep now, sometimes I do kind of feel tired and just seem to lose hours even though it feels like I've tuned out for just seconds. 
Still it's all a learning experience, I guess I've got a lot to learn still.