Tuesday 4 February 2014

Looking Right At, But Right Through Me

Daddy didn't have the best nights sleep last night and so is all cuddled up with River asleep on the sofa. I don't mind watching him sleep he's so peaceful, not like last night. If I'd have been trying to sleep on those legs I would have been asleep now to, still I don't have to worry about such things now.

It's sunny again, that's two days on the trot, tut shame it couldn't have been like this this time last week, still it's sunny and I was up in the window just grateful to be able to be here and look out when I saw George coming up our path.

Ooh now I wonder if I can get his attention. I'm not sure if he did see me last week or not but I'm going to try again. Again though he just stood there looking my direction but not a flicker of any sort of emotion on his face. This is so frustrating, why does he keep looking right at, but right through me?