Friday 28 February 2014

Just What I Need To Lift My Spirits, Cat Fun Time

Oh brilliant, this just what I need to life my spirits, cat fun time

Disappears Daddy is home today which is always lovely, he does work so hard and I do worry about him so it's nice to see him getting a day off to rest. it always means that Stay Daddy takes the day off as well so I can be around him without worrying that his work is being disturbed.

I was downstairs listening to them talking when suddenly River jumped up from her near sleeping position onto the chair and window ledge and started whinging out the window.

I followed her and saw the lighter Naughty Twin sitting in a very prominent position right in the middle of the lawn. I guessed what was coming and a smile spread across my face, she was on a wind up, cat fun time!

River of course started whipping herself into a very excitable state, jumping up and down from the chair to the window ledge, turning around and looking at both of the Daddies, barking and whinging.
The lighter Naughty Twin turned to look at her, I could see the devilment in her eyes, ah yes this was just what I needed.

River by this time was going mad, not knowing where to look or where to go, especially when the Darker Naughty Twin passed by, turned to see what all the kerfuffle was about and smiled. River making such a nose was fueling the lighter Naughty Twin who got up and started walking back and forth past the window right under Rivers nose.

She even had the cheek to wave at her. Brilliant, oh how I've missed this.

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