Friday 28 February 2014

Our Link Must Be Getting Stonger

Fantastic the sun's come back out and that means after the short burst of rain we had earlier that the cats would come back out. I went up to the front window to see who was around and there George was just sitting there waiting.

Hi Lil', George said.

Well I hadn't even said anything to him and here he was talking to me. Our link must be getting stronger. He turned to face where I was sitting. 

His eye was looking sensitive, I wished he would have taken my advice and got it looked at but there's nothing I can do about that now.

I gathered myself together. Right remember keep it real.

Hi George, I said

He smiled, I knew you were there, I can feel when you are around me now.

I could have cried, finally I seem to have mastered a way for us to communicate.

Can you hear me OK

Yes, although it goes in and out a bit but yes I can hear you Lil', he blinked his weepy eye.

I can't see you though, he said

I can see you just fine, I smiled to myself

Who knows? I asked

No one, he replied. I've not told anyone although I think Emma may have a bit of an idea. You have been missed, Mogsie has been besides himself hardly talking to anyone apart from Twizzle. I'm so, so sorry.

A wave hit me and I felt very sad. I sat there not knowing what to say, even though I was here, I wasn't at the same time and although I could at least speak to George no one else could really hear me. I'd jumped from the office window ledge last night when Daddy was in there trying to tidy up the beans that had spilled out from the beanbag that River ripped through and he turned around in my direction but when I spoke he didn't hear and he carried back on with picking up individual balls.

I'm happy you can hear me George, I said

I'm so glad I can hear you too. Do you mind if we keep this just between ourselves at the moment? I asked

Of course I don't, he replied. 

I'm still getting used to things at the moment and it's pretty tiring for me when I try to talk and I guess I'm a little bit scared.

He smiled back softly and turned forwards again.

We've got all the time in the world Lil', all the time in the world!