Saturday 8 March 2014

GT Needs To Watch Her Back, Evil Olive Is Planning A Take Over!

GT needs to watch her back, Evil Olive is planning a take over!

GT found Olive fiddling with her internet connection and when she got caught she put her bottom in her face to try to distract her away from the phone call she was on. Sounds like she's trying to cut off all outside forms of communications to me and a classic case of displaying utter contempt!

GT then needed to pop out and when she came back Olive started screaming at her, a sure sign she's trying to un-nerve her and get GT to walk on egg shells around her, classic controlling behaviour.

Finally Olive pretended to get caught behind the toilet pipe and when GT managed to get her out she was covered in dirt and dust and things. I think she's after trying to get social services involved.

GT really needs to be careful, I'm worried for what's next, if GT isn't careful a full possession will occur!