Monday 10 March 2014

I Remember

On the surface today is just like any other sunny Monday. Mogsie is having a bit of a morning stroll...

...the lighter Naughty Twin is looking around for some mischief to get up to...

...and River is out digging in the back garden getting herself very muddy!
But today isn't just like any Monday morning, today is March 10th and just like the Daddies I remember what today is. 

Daddy always says you've got to care to remember which is probably why the three of us will never forget. I just wish I could let him know but from this side there's little chance. I'm going to try really hard today to let him know I'm around, just for a bit of a boost, I think he could do with it today, I just wish I could give him a cuddle.

There's certain days in the year Stay Daddy never works, his birthday is one, he said he'd had enough of toughness on his birthday when he was a child having the indignity of having both Chemistry and Maths exams every year on his birthday throughout secondary school and today and will never work on his birthday again. March 10th is another, it's the day that Nanny went.
It's not a date I have to ring in my calendar, it's a date none of us three will ever forget!

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