Thursday 20 March 2014

Evil Olives Been On A Rampage

Evil Olives been on a rampage!

It's getting dark and I've given up any hope today for George to be turning up and so moved my attention to what Daddy was doing.

He was reading aloud to River some things from the computer that his friend GT had been saying and apparently last night she made a sneaky and carefully planned out move.

Now even though it's down to each individual cat how they choose to live their lives we are all aware of that darker side that can come out and be displayed in some of us.

Last night Olive kept GT up all night, pulling her clothes out of her draws, shouting and knocking things over, classic cat technique for gaining control over their human.

Oh GT is going to need some help if she is to win that battle. I can see it now as soon as she's gained control over her she's be making her next move on her mother. Watch out V Olives coming for you!