Wednesday 12 March 2014

Suspicious Of Those We Trust

It's been concerning me all this paranoia around because of Flash and I've been watching out for George all day to be able to speak to him again about Mogsie's instructions to watch anyone that's not from these few houses.

I mean does that include Ginger cat, he's always been a trusted friend of Catworld?

George hasn't been around but I have spotted both Mogsie and the darker Naughty Twin on patrol, making their presence very much felt.

As much as he still makes me swoon each time I see him, even now, and that he only has the best interests of us all this is one time that I'm determined to make him understand that it's just wrong to be suspicious of those we trust, where will it all end?

Now I just need to catch George, oh where is he when you need him?