Wednesday 19 March 2014

Keeping A Very Low Profile

Well George didn't turn up and I went out looking for him but couldn't locate him anywhere so I gave up when I Disappears Daddy came in and settled down to sit with them for the night. He's keeping a very low profile!

I was up early this morning though. he can't drop bombshells and not expect me to ask some questions. I mean what did he mean about River as well? 

Out I went on the search, the first I came across was Mogsie. I seriously thought about trying to get him to notice me but thought as in life it would probably fall on deaf ears and I wasn't ready to reveal myself yet. He did look fine though, nice my heart can still do the odd jump.
I went across the road right up to him to see if I could smell him, but no that's something else that's gone from me now and so I walked off over E's, George can hide out there sometimes, I've seen him.
Nothing but it was good to have a little look around and I saw the fox hole that it's been rumoured is over there.

On the way home the lighter naughty Twin sitting on C's lawn peering over the side of Catworld, taking not much notice of anything, pretty much a normal day in Catworld except then I spotted just for a second Sarah's head peeking around the corner. Obviously she didn't want to be seen but she wasn't doing a very good job of it. I must admit to feeling a little bit hurt by Sarah, she's been avoiding this house since I've gone, it can't be ignored any longer, she's got some sort of a problem and I intend to add that to the list of questions I've got for George, when he turns up!