Tuesday 25 March 2014

A Higher Purpose

Oh I think Mogsie has gone and kicked some asses. Not long after he went over to George's Sarah came running out and say herself down right by the rose bush by our window.

River's asleep and didn't see her but I did I seem to be spending half my life sitting up in this window at the moment waiting for some sort of action to take place.

Not long after Sarah came out Mogsie strode back over the road, without George, looking more furious than ever. 

Desperate times means desperate measures and I decided to break my cover and try to make contact with Sarah and tapped as loudly as I could on the window but nothing, not even a flicker. Maybe it's meant to be this way but if there is a higher purpose I don't know what it is no matter how much I try to work it all out.

Oh come on George, where are you?