Tuesday 4 March 2014

He Came To Explain

I don't know where I was but when I heard River barking I was suddenly here in the living room. I'm not too sure what happened, maybe I was asleep, even though I don't have to any more, as I was totally somewhere else and yet for the life of me I can't remember, even though it was just a second or so ago.
Anyway River barking at the window in a rather hysterical manner and then whinging when Stay Daddy gave her a treat to calm her down as she couldn't get out, got me curious.

I jumped up next to her to see what she was going mad at and saw George sitting on the doorstep. Um, well I've not been too happy with him this past couple of days, blabbing to the lighter Naughty Twin but as he's the only one I'm able to talk to at the moment I can't let a grudge get in the way and I ran outside and sat next to him.

He started to speak straight away. Brilliant our connections just getting stronger and stronger.

I'm sorry Lil', he said. I wasn't talking about you as you think.

Great he knows how I think now. Keep calm, just listen Lil'! 

I wanted to see if she could sense you about and I did bring her over here for that reason but I promise you I wouldn't tell anyone unless you said it was OK.
Thank you, I said out loud. 

He heard and turned to look roughly in my direction and smiled.

I smiled back, I wish he could have seen it. 

Daddy always says you shouldn't jump to conclusions and I guess I had done exactly that. Here George was trying to help me and all I could do was get annoyed and paranoid over things that hadn't even happened.

Lil', I'm beginning to kind of see you.

You could have blown me over with a feather!

You can see me!

No not exactly, it's like a little bit, a shadow, a blur, sometimes just a little bit of you. It's happened a couple of times, only for a mili-second but it's there. I didn't know whether I should say something or not, but I've been thinking about it and thought it was the right thing to do.

It was, it gave me some hope that I would be able to be seen again, to get back to something a little more normal than the place I'm at at the moment.

I lent over and kissed him on the cheek.

He smiled.

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