Saturday 29 March 2014

They Are Keeping A Very Close Eye On River

Catworld is on high alert!
Ever since this morning when Doublay was chased out the lighter Naughty Twin has been going back and forth between both sides of the road, striding like a right little soldier.
However this last time on patrol she went over and spoke to Sarah who's been keeping watch from near R's car before going around the back, I'm assuming to see Mogsie who has been noticeable by his absence.

Sarah promptly got up and walked straight over here and just stared into the front window. OK I know I was sitting up there but I know she can't see me. The more I think about it the more sure I am that they are keeping a very close eye on River, the reason why, well that escapes me at the moment but I'm going to make sure that I keep close to River, just in case she's in peril!