Saturday 15 March 2014

How I Know I Don't Know, I've Not Been Able To Do That In Ages

Saturday is here at last, it's been a long week and so when everyone got up I decided to have a bit of a lay in on my own but I couldn't get comfortable, it felt strange having the bed to myself and when I heard Daddy and River playing downstairs I thought I'd join everyone.
Daddy was playing teddy time with River. It's a game they play to show their love to each other. River licks Daddies face until he laughs and then he gently picks her up and throws her all over the place. She can be River in the sky with Diamonds, or flying River with the flappy wing ears or like this morning back and forth River weeee!

It was lovely to see and I wished for a second that I could play my favourite game with Stay Daddy, make you crawl along the floor to rub my tummy, but there's no point in dwelling on that too long, alas that can never be.

Then a beep, beep outside and the girl turned up. It was lovely to see her, she's always a bit psychically inclined so I decided to wait until she sat down and try blowing in her ear to see if she could feel me.

I knew I might as well sit down and wait, River was excited and was trying to rip her coat from her back.

I went and sat on the window ledge and just closed my eyes listening to them chat and I must have fallen asleep, how I know I don't know, that I fell asleep I mean, I've not been able to do that since I went to the other side. I suddenly came too when I heard River barking and the girl exiting the front door. Damn missed my chance!

Still I did spot Mogsie having a bit of a sniff around. What's he want?

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