Monday 10 March 2014

Once A Member

Daddy has taken River out and I have the place all to myself and I was hoping I could have a proper conversation with George without being interrupted. Luckily George must have been keeping a bit of an eye out as almost as soon as they'd left he appeared on the door step.
I couldn't wait to find out what Mogsie had said about the re-appearance of Flash yesterday. George said that everyone was being put on amber alert and luckily he has been tasked with looking out over our garden as well, to make sure River wasn't going to be in any danger.

Wow that fair brought a tear to my eye, even though I wasn't around any more they were still all looking out for River, but then again us cats are loyal, once a member, even if it was an honorary member, of Catworld, always a member. It was also good as it gave George a good excuse to be over here more, the cats were beginning to become suspicious I spotted Sarah a little earlier nosing around and it wasn't at the gardening!