Saturday 8 March 2014

I Bet She Regretted Using That Word

Oh dear poor lady in the Post Office, when will people learn not to take Stay Daddy on, he'll only use their own words back on them.

I was sitting down on the sideboard watching Alo swimming around when I heard the car draw up, nothing unusual in that. Then he came in and gave Disappears Daddy a big package and started recalling what had just happened as Daddy opened some lunch box thing he'd ordered.

He had to go to pick it up because the lady that came yesterday didn't leave it. OK no problems so far.

Stay said he went in the sorting office and gave them the card they'd left and his ID and the lady said to him that she couldn't accept it.

Daddy asked why and she said that it was because it was a utility bill and they didn't accept them.

Daddy pointed out that it wasn't a utility bill but a credit card statement from the bank.

The lady said that the Post Office classed credit card statements as utility bills, Daddy said he pointed out that it was from a BANK and not a utility service.

The lady said they were having a clampdown and couldn't accept it.

Daddy said he said in that case could they have a clampdown on their staff so that his post arrives before 4.30 in the afternoon and have a clampdown on the attitude of their van delivery staff as the mardy lady that came yesterday looked up and saw him in the office as he waved at her indicating to leave it but she stormed off anyway. I bet she regretted using that word.

Daddy said he once again pointed out that the ID in front of her was from a BANK, had the address on it that matched the delivery address information and this weeks date on it and that it shouldn't be a problem so he'd like to take his package now or have it delivered between 8 and 9 on Monday morning, WITH A SMILE!

When will people learn?

Daddy is loving his new lunch box, River's loving the cardboard!

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