Friday 21 March 2014

I Can Tell Something Big Is Brewing!

Not a sign of either Mogsie or George since this morning. I've been waiting up in the front window waiting for them, listening to Daddy work and watching River sleep next to him.

My catty powers seem to be heightened at the moment as I just know something isn't right, compounded by seeing the lighter Naughty Twin just now looking very blue.

Something caught the edge of my eye and I turned in the direction of AM's house, it was the lighter Naughty Twin. I thought at first she was there just admiring all the lovely flowers that have come out this past week, he really does keep a beautiful garden.

It was nice to have some other cat company even though we can't actually interact at the moment and I sat there watching her but something didn't seem right, she just kept on staring around, like she was almost a little scared, not an emotion I see in her, she's a brave little thing.

After a couple of minutes she took a deep breath and walked off, head down. This is now all beginning to worry me, no one is acting themselves at the moment, I can tell something big is brewing!