Saturday 29 March 2014

Confirmed - He Is Not To Be Trusted!

From the actions of the lighter Naughty Twin it can be taken as confirmed that Doublay has re-joined The New Cat Crew.
Stay Daddy got up early and came down stairs with River who promptly fell asleep on her chair in the window. I decided to sit up with her and enjoy the early morning sun, it's going to be a hot day I overheard Daddy telling River, not that she seems too bothered.

Anyway there I was sitting there enjoying the brightness of the day when I spotted Doublay suddenly dart out from underneath R's car, quickly followed by the lighter Naughty Twin. This was not just a game as Doublay ran down to E's and turned as if to come back and the lighter Naughty Twin stood her ground and carried on chasing Doublay who ran down another couple of houses, turned and hissed.
The lighter Naughty Twin is fearless and sitting down marked her territory. OK no we know, he is not to be trusted!