Monday 17 March 2014

Courage, Yes I Must Remember Courage

...and the magic was back!

I wandered around for a while, lost in my thoughts and trying to work out what had just happened. Everything was so confusing but I felt that I needed to listen to myself, it was so hard with cats calling out your name and yet we couldn't see each other.

The sun burst out from behind the clouds and hit the spinning yellow star high up above me. I followed it's light with my eyes, stopping where it hit a tree turning it's branches a myriad of colours, underneath sat an Owl.

Hello, it said.

No I must be hearing things, spending too much time on my own but it did get me thinking.

This was one mighty mission, one I never asked to me on and yet was somehow my fate.

My fate! Oh what was that trying to do to me, but I guess it touches everyone somehow. There you go thinking it's just you and yet it's affecting others around you to!

This was all so confusing but I knew that everything would be OK, a Rainbow Owl always appears to help and last time I saw one it was all about courage my lesson, courage, yes I must remember courage . So what did I need to learn this time?

Listen! LISTEN to your catty powers!

I tuned in and everything else went quiet, a swirl of random thoughts and miscellaneous colours passed through my mind. Round and round just like a great big loop, no a number of loops.

I swayed slightly forward and then suddenly it hit me. Simple as a slight feeling, my body was telling me what to do I must moved forward. That was quiet easy, things must be developing

Now, right, in what direction? So many questions but I'm not going to think too much about them, over thought can confuse the mind but I will remain reassured all answers and my pathway will be revealed in the times that's right.