Thursday, 7 August 2014


I've just tried getting through to Doublay.

He was sitting on our pathway, I was alerted by River who was sitting panting at the window, it must be terrible for her to see all these cats around today and not be able to chase them.

Anyway there he was sitting enjoying the shade after another hot day and I called over to him.

He looked up and blinked.

Hey Doublay, how's things?

He just looked at me and blinked, so I ran out the back window and around the side.

Doublay, what's going on?

I wanted to approach his behaviour in a way that wouldn't make the situation worse.

Don't know what you mean? He replied

Just wondering how everything is, I mean after all the tongue out business.

Oh that, he shrugged, just having a laugh.

Do you really think this is the time to be sitting back laughing? 

Why should I care? 

I was furious

Why should you care? Why should you care? Because your friends are at each others throats, Emma remains in a trance, our Queen is lost somewhere right here under our noses, the whole of Catkind is in peril and no one seems bothered. That's why you should be BOTHERED!

Well I'm not! Was his reply

Right well I can tick him, Chameleon and Mogsie off the list of those that are going to help. Bella and Twizzle have both been keeping a low profile so I've no idea what's going on with them. At least I can rely on the Naughty Twins, or at the very least the darker one, George and Sarah. I hope that will be enough of us to tackle this, we need to find out exactly where our Queen is and face this curse head on.

I'm going to call a meeting of those that haven't lost it yet, see if we can come up with something to deal with this together.