Saturday 30 August 2014

Game, Set And Match - The Choice!


Twizzle ran forward to her as if to embrace but stopped right in front of her. I was surprised as I know they've never been the best of friends but Twizzle's body was stiff, something wasn't right.

What is it? I wasn't the only one to spot it, Doublay was now on his feet.

Twizzle stepped back so we could all see what she could. Yes it was Emma but her face wasn't reacting, her eyes were yellow and pleading, the face of Emma, the eyes of another. Emma stayed rigid staring ahead, frozen.

What have you done to her? 

George stepped towards The Curse his posture one of anger. She smiled and licked her top lip again;

I've not done anything to her, it's not my choice to make, that pleasure is all Lil's!

What do you mean?

I was feeling confused, a rustling in the tree behind drew my attention for a moment, I thought I saw a pair of eyes but no my mind was playing tricks on me.

I turned back to look at Emma before, the eyes, these luminous green eyes, they weren't Emma's eyes.

What have you done to her eyes?

The Curses tutted;

I told you before I've not done anything to Emma. Oh come on Lil' stop being so naive, you know the eyes are the mirror into the soul.

I didn't understand what she was saying to me;

Stop talking in riddles! I bellowed, my frustration getting the better of me.

Ok, I guess you lot aren't quiet as clever as I thought so let me spell it out. You called our to your Queen, you have your Queen, you're looking right at her, or should I say, she's looking right at you!

Sarah gasped and dropped to her knees.

Our Queen, our Queen, it's our Queen!

Finally! The Curse flicked her hair back over her shoulder.

I looked up into her face, back to Emma and back to The Curse again.

Are you saying that Emma had become The Queen of Catkind?

Oh don't be silly, no you've not earn't that yet. 


Mogsie was on his feet and moving closer to Emma. Chameleon was joining him, both looking intently at her. The eyes were definitely not those of Emma.

Ok, The Curse rocked her head from shoulder to shoulder, cracking vertebra as she went.

Time to choose, Emma or your Queeny, Queeny or your Emma, you can have one or the other, she bent down close to me, arm outstretched, finger waving;

But not both!


George was now on his feet and had joined Mogsie and Chameleon forming a circle of protection around Emma.

The Curse spun around to look at them;

Oh how cute, what a catastrophe! She began to giggle.

I never lied we played The Game of Truth, I could not lie, I ALWAYS WIN! Emma or The Queen, The Queen or Emma, which one Lil' which one do you choose? You can have one but you can't have both. Game, set and match to me I think!

I just stood there staring at her, how could I make such a choice? Realisation dawning, the odds were always stacked in her favour, she'd either get to keep hold of The Queen or Emma and the weight of the answer lay with me.

Emma was my friend but The Queen was the Queen and how many years she'd been trapped, kept away from her one true love Troy Lamore.

I turned to Mogsie;

What do I do, help me?

He bowed his head and started speaking;

You must make the choice Lil' I will not help you.

My heart felt like it was being punctured by a thousand arrows and I glared at him. How could he do it to me again, abandon me when I needed him most.

George's arm was once again on my back and he lent in and whispered in my ear.

Lil' you must make the choice you feel it right.

Sarah began sobbing; Our Queen Lil', it's our Queen;

She turned to face The Curse;

How can you do this to us, why! WHY!

Oh get over it she snivelling little bunch of half wits, Oh dear, oh dear a difficult decision oh woe is me, woe is me.

She turned away from Sarah and back at me.

Well? I'm waiting for you to chose, after all you did win that honor and I really haven't got all night!

I felt sick, our Queen our poor Queen, eyes staring at me, a tear building volume fell down Emma's nose and onto the floor, the rest of her still frozen still.

I turned back to Mogsie.


He just shook his head slowly and carried on brushing his face up and down Emma.

Emma, oh Emma, I looked in her eyes trying to see her, see if I could reach her but no they eyes were not mine, the eyes pleaded at me.

How could I chose between them both? How could I send one to purgatory and free the other? How could I make that choice and live with myself? I had no choice.

I looked back at Emma and those eyes, those magnificent green eyes and tried to smile, tears now falling from my face.

I choose Emma. I choose to free Emma.


The Curse's right arm rose in to the air, she clicked her fingers. At the same moment she disappeared and Emma's body softened, and she fell to the ground, panting. The boys started to fuss around her;

Are you Ok? Emma?

Bella and the Naughty Twins ran over to her and started breathing on her;

She's so cold, they cried.

George remained rubbing my back, saying nothing.

After what felt like hours but in reality must have been just a few seconds Emma lifted her head, the luminous green eyes were gone. Our Queen was gone.

Thank you, she mouthed at me.

I turned to Mogsie, I don't think I've ever been so angry.

How could you not have helped me? Why? WHY! When I needed you the most why did you do nothing?

I stamped my foot

Answer me WHY?