Monday, 11 August 2014

The Babies

I've just seen Sarah and she's not in a good way.

Daddy finally lifted the blinds at the front of the house, he's been trying to protect River from the sun as she;s coming into her lady times and not feeling too well and one of the few places that she seems to be able to get comfortable is on the window ledge, however the heat is not good for her, hence I've not been able to see out.

Anyway the blinds come up and there Sarah is sobbing to herself on C's lawn. It doesn't take a genius to guess why, after all her man has cheated on her with the lighter Naughty Twin and got them both pregnant.

I knocked on the window and she looked up, wiping a tear from her face on the grass. Rubbish attempt at trying to hide the fact she's been crying but hey who am I to question her.

So I decided to avoid the subject all together and asked her if she had managed to have a word with George yet. She said she'd not seen him, he seems to have done one of his disappearing acts again, although she said Bella said she saw him last night so we know he's around.

I don't mean to add pressure on top of pressure but we do really need to get a move on with tackling our current problems re the curse, poor Emma's still in a trance, but we can't just ignore things.

She said she was sorry but she had too much on her own mind at the moment to be much help and she was scared with where her own future was heading. The babies I mouthed. The babies she nodded.

It's looking more and more that I'm on my own in this.