Thursday, 14 August 2014

I Waited Until It Started To Rain

I waited until it started to rain before venturing out up to the Peace Garden to see The Wiseman. Strange time you may think but for me it made perfect sense, River would be indoors and we wouldn't be disturbed, what I needed to consult with him on was so important I needed to concentrate fully.

It's so much easier for me to be able to get a connection with him these days and almost as soon as I'd settled down my body and mind;

Ah Lil' so you come to see yourself.

That fabulous familiar voice.

Hello Wiseman, I come to see you.

I'm always here for you Lil' you know that. How can I help you to help yourself?

I'm stuck Wiseman, I'm stuck. The curse that comes along with our Queen is spreading throughout the land and there's only a couple of us here now that remain unaffected.

I paused to see if he would say anything but he remained silent.

We believe... I believe our Queen may somehow be trapped by the curse somewhere right under our noises but I don't know how to find her. The darker Naughty Twin and I have been talking and if she is trapped somewhere we think it may be in one of those affected by the curse but how on earth are we supposed to know who?

He smiled;

I see you've looked but have you been looking in the right places?

Doublay said he thought she may be trapped here for a long time, but how can I find her, I've just no idea anymore what to do and how on earth do I confront this curse? How can I fight it if I don't know how to bring it out?

That is a conundrum you face Lil' but I say again, have you been looking in the right place. Sometimes the thing we seek can be right under our noses.

I looked down. The only thing under my nose right now was the Peace Garden and I didn't think she could be there, that's when my lovely's were laid to rest. I looked back up again;

I don't know what you mean?

I felt The Wiseman smiling at me, although as ever his face remained as still as stone.

Look under you nose Lil' I think you may find the answer there.

I was getting a little frustrated;

The only thing under my nose is my mouth!

I couldn't help my sarcasm and instantly regretted it.

I'm so sorry I didn't mean to be so rude.

The Wiseman just smiled back, a knowing smile.

Right under you nose Lil', right under you nose! 

This was so frustrating, I could feel an anger rising in me.

Please help us, I can deal with riddles, I don't know what you mean.

The Wiseman smiled;

Oh my pretty little Lil' you've already got all the answers you need, just listen to yourself. Listen to yourself!