Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Wind Must Be Taking My Voice

Hooray George is back!

I've not been worried about him but I must admit to have been wondering when he would turn up. Not been able to speak to him yet as it's windy out and as much as I call over the road he just can't seem to hear me, I think the wind must be taking my voice. I'd go over to him as I'm no longer scared of crossing it, hey I've crossed over and back so a road is no problem, but to be honest he seems deep in thought and I know timing is everything. 

I'll just sit him and wait until he makes a move to get up then I'll catch him and we can make our plan to find out exactly where our Queen is trapped and how we tackle the curse together, oh I'm so glad George is here again, I'm feeling very on my own in this, at least I can rely on him.