Saturday 2 August 2014

Suspicion - In The Same Bed

I must admit I've just found myself getting caught up in everyone else's mistrust of each other. I'd hoped that us all worked together to find a solution to our lost Queen and her curse would have brought up closer together as a group but it seem to have brought about exactly the opposite.

Everyone is suspicious of each other and even the Naughty Twin, usually so close, are now avoiding each other.
The darker Naughty Twin at least is speaking to me. He was just on his way over to get some mid-morning brunch from M when he saw his sister enjoying the sun on the other side of the road and he stopped in his tracks, looked around and seeing me sititng in the window came over.

Morning Lil'

I smiled back;

How are you? 

You know, he smiled and shrugged his shoulders


Yes I could agree with him there, we were in the same bed there.

What are thinking now about what Doublay said?

The darker Naughty Twin turned to look directly at me;

I'm not sure....but if it is true we have to do something about it.

I nodded, as much as this seemed nonsensical it also could make sense and you should never ignore the improbable, after all I've gone to the other side and come back, the Naughty Twins change gender all the time, Chameleons gone soft, Emma's stuck in a trance, Flash has disappeared off the face of the earth and a curse is spreading throughout the land, does any of that make sense either?