Friday 1 August 2014

What A Night! - Lost

What a night!

As requested, although I'm not sure requested is the right word I did kind of demand but anyway as requested just before midnight last night us cats began to gather up in the Peace Garden, up by LUM, the Easter Island Head and The Wiseman.

George was actually waiting up there by the time I ventured out, and jumped down from The Swinging Heart of Love where he was in deep contemplation. I could tell by the look on his face that he was a little nervous, he wasn't the only one.

We sat in silence as Sarah led in Chameleon, both the Naughty Twins and Doublay just before 12.

12 as Daddy says is the witching hour and although I don't believe in all the sort of stuff there is a certain energy about that time coming from the universe because a lot of other do.

The atmosphere was tense and no one really knew what to say, solemn looks on everyone's faces, the first time I've seen them taking things seriously for the past couple of weeks.

They were looking for me to take the lead and as this was my idea I could understand why. After a few nods and weak smiles of acknowledgement we began.

I'm not sure the best way to go about this but I think we should all move close together in a semi circle around LUM, so our bodies are touching.

A few tense glances were shared as we got ourselves into position, shoulder to shoulder, united as one.

Now everyone close your eyes and picture our Queen. Think of her as you imagine her to be, remember The Tale of Two, remember what we know about her.

I can't remember anything, the lighter Naughty Twin piped up

It's OK just picture what you think she is like.

He nodded and closed his eyes.

We all sat there in silence for what seemed ages, our catty psychic minds linking in with each other. After a while the image I had in my head seemed to change, the image I created was merging with the others, our cat minds were joining together and the image was becoming a conglomerate of the visions we all had.

My ears pricked up as I heard a slight humming getting louder and louder. I thought we were hearing our Queen until I heard a second and then third voice join in. I then realised that the sounds were coming from George, Doublay and Sarah

One by one the others joined in, our minds and bodies merging to become one powerful voice, a voice that was not of this earth.

I opened my eyes and looked around and everyone was sat as still as stone, as if something else had taken over their bodies, acting impulsively, acting intuitively. I noticed that I had no urge to join in their chorus, maybe it was because I was different, I had gone to the other side and back again, I felt linked but disjointed from the others.

I turned towards LUM begging in my mind to hear him speak but he remained still and quiet.

I closed my eyes again and the created image of our Queen was there as clear as before.

Why was nothing happening, why wasn't we making contact?

I knew we had become a collective but this was all new territory for me.

Oh glorious Queen of Catkind, can you hear me?

The humming from the rest began to gather pace, dancing a mystical chorus.

Oh wonderful Queen of Catkind, our love for you is great, we want to help, where are you?

Still no response.

Oh magnificent Queen of Catkind, hear us call out to you, follow our call.


I felt a gentle rocking from either side of me and opened my eyes to see everyone beginning to sway, the song increasing in pitch. Something was happening to the collective, calling louder and louder to our Queen.

I closed my eyes again.


The psychic image of our Queen was changing, like smoke from a bonfire it drifted and reformed, suddenly all that remained was a pair of eyes staring at us.


Her voice began to fade.

The rhyme of the collective began to get more and more furious, the humming now a roar.

Queen, I called, our Queen, where are you?

The image of her eyes grew bright.


Follow our voices, hear us call.


The collective was now jerking around and I was beginning to get scared, things felt like they were escalating and my friends I did not recognise.

Queen, just follow our voices.


The eyes of our Queen grew green and fluorescent and flashed bright like a camera going off, the branches of Squirrel tree where now whipped around in gale of frenzy, a dog in the distance started barking, a car alarm somewhere down the road pierced out.

 I opened my eyes to see George staring at me.


I looked around the group but everyone else was still in the collective. My heart was pounding, I was scared.


Our Queens voice was coming from George's mouth twisted and tortured, frightened and desperate. Georged opened his eyes and stared at me, possessed again his eyes where the eyes of our Queen.


He growled. At that moment bang, a branch from Squirrel Tree broke off and fell right in the middle of the collective, breaking our link with each other.

The others opened there eyes and we all looked at each other checking we were all OK. Yes everyone was fine and I turned back to George who was George again.

Are you OK?

He nodded.

Do you know what happened?

He shook his head.

You were possessed again.

I don't remember a thing.

I was desperate, we had manged to make a link, a connection with our Queen and now it was gone. I turned to The Wiseman.

She said she was trapped.

Without hesitation he replied.

Indeed she did, but that little Lil' is not all she said. Listen to her words, LISTEN AND HEAR!

Sarah spoke;

She said she was here.

The darker Naughty Twin stood up, still his forgotten limp plaguing him;

She said she could hear us.

I turned to George;

I'm so confused, she wanted us to go and find her.

Doublay turned to me and smiled;

What if she IS here? What if she could REALLY hear us?

What do you mean? Sarah asked

What is she is and has been living among us. What if she's been here longer than we think? 

I turned to him;

You mean...

He nodded, he knew where I was going;

What if the curse that had affected both the Naughty Twins all their lives but only just released has affected our Queen in the same way? What IF the Queen of Catkind has been here all along, trapped and we didn't even know it, just waiting for us to help her?

I turned to look at George to see his reaction, he looked stunned.

What if our Queen of Catkind is lost, but in plain sight!