Sunday 24 August 2014

Step Up Your Game, We're Already Playing!

Ok then, let's begin!

The Curse sat down on the floor, gathering up her robe to knee height as she descended. Sitting cross legged she sat silently looking at me. What was this game a game of who blinks first? I sat and looked her right in the eye, I wasn't going to speak first, this maybe a test of nerves, the psych out your opponent before battle begins thing and I needed to keep my wits about me.

Finally she spoke;


Her head turned from side to side.

Well what? I continued looking eye on. The Curse, side mouth smile forming crept across her face.

Well what are you waiting for? 

Her head turned from left to right.

You! I replied.

Her arms reversed resting on the ground behind her and her body back flopped on them, boredom pose.

Oh Lil' Cat I thought for a moment when your bravery challenged me that I was up against an opponent that would at least give me a run for my money, I do find an unworthy challenger so tiresome. Let me help you out on this one. Remember I said I've never lost.

She raised an eye brow at me.


Well then? 

She seemed to be getting impatient with me, bringing herself back from her rested position leaned in close enough for me to smell her surprisingly sweet rose breath.

 Well I said I'll get all of you, I don't see all of you here. 

She scanner the crowd.

I see you Lil' Cat

Nodding in Chameleons direction;

I see this traitor, oh I shall have such fun with you, I love a good traitor.

Cocking her head to his right towards Doublay she continued;

There's a double crosser,

Her head to the left, she smiled at Sarah and pointed at the Naughty Twins;

A couple of cheaters and a scardie but I see no sign of the love rat, Princess, can't be bothered and supposed Hero, some hero bit conspicuous by his absence.

I looked at her confused;

Oh, she yawned;

Let me spell it out to you. George, Twizzle, Bella and Mogsie. I said I've never lost so when I win I shall be needing you all her to take with me, I'm a busy girl I can't be waiting around, when I win, we're off.

I turned to look st Sarah who looked even more terrified than before.

Lil', my babies! she mouthed at me, a tear in the corner fought to stay in position.

Of course they'll be joining us, a little extra bonus. WHEN I SAID ALL, I MEANT ALL!

The Curse pointed her finger at the Naughty Twins;

You two, go get everyone else, I'm itching to play!

And you Lil' Cat. Step up your game,we're already playing!