Monday, 15 April 2013

It's All The Fault Of The Buried Treasures

I never saw this coming, there's been a big falling out between the lighter Naughty Twin, the darker Naughty Twin and Sarah and it's all the fault of the buried treasures.

I still don't know what it is that she's found everyone's been keeping a very low profile today. Even daddy and River have been asleep most of the afternoon. I must take a little bit of the blame for that I decided to get everyone up early again this morning, I was awake and listening to the dawn chorus and thought that daddy would like to hear it. Silly really I know he's likes it but I guess I just wasn't thinking properly, he's so tired.

Anyway not another souls been around until later on this afternoon that's when I saw that things weren't right between that trio.

Sarah was out on the grass over the way and then the lighter Naughty Twin turned up but completely ignored her. You could cut the tension with a knife. Sarah went over to speak to the lighter Naughty Twin on Tiny's garden and got lashed by her.

Sarah then ran back to the sanctuary of M and R's garden for the lighter Naughty Twin to follow her and again go to attack her. Sarah looked so shocked that she hid in the flowers for protection and the lighter Naughty Twin ran over there searching for her, when she did she gave her a right glare.

The darker Naughty Twin then ran across the road looked right at Sarah then back at his sister sitting on our pathway before blanking the two of them and running around the back.

Oh all this trouble that's been caused by this treasures, nothing can be worth that but I'm still curious as to what on earth it is that's causing such problems.