Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ask A Question Get A Question Asked

The daddies went out this morning and took River with them, oh how I enjoyed the peace and quiet and got plenty of time to sit on the window ledge looking outside.

Hardly a soul was around, I saw the lighter Naughty Twin run by a little bit earlier but this isn't unusual she's always out. 

Then just before the daddies came back Mogsie walked by and I caught his eye and smiled at him. He smiled back so I guessed he'd be open to talking a little bit more than he had recently.

Hello, how are you? I asked

I'm OK how are you? He said

Well ask a question get a question asked

A bit perplexed actually, have you been avoiding me?

Yes, and he stared straight back.

Yes? YES! At least it was honest I suppose.


Because I'm embarrassed to look you in the face when I know George isn't really interested in you anymore.

What! You could have floored me with that, before I could sat anything else the daddies car drew up and Mogsie ran off.