Thursday, 18 April 2013

It's A Box - Marcel Marceau

The lighter Naughty Twin was looking very relaxed and very alone over the other side of the road. I watched her for a while and didn't see anyone else come near her. After a while she saw me and came over although not too near. 

How are things? I asked

OK she replied cautiously

Are you sure because things seem a bit tense at the moment?

They're after my treasures!

Well that kind of through me. Yes occasionally there's the odd bust up in Catworld but this seemed almost over the top.

Are you sure? I asked

Yes definitely and I've hidden it, I'm not letting them anywhere near.

Well my mothering instinct came rushing out.

Oh sweetheart nothing is worth everyone falling out over, especially not something like this. What on earth is causing you all so much bother?

They want to see what's in my box!

What you mean you don't even know what the buried treasures are, you've not opened it?

No I can't get it open. 

It fair brought a tear to my eye, this was terrible the trouble that this has brought and the pain in her eyes I couldn't help myself. She's a new mum and she's got so caught up in all this drama that I don't think she's seeing sense at the moment, before I could say anything she was gone.

I really need to speak to Sarah or George about this. My default would have been to talk to Mogsie but he's doing a Marcel Marceau impression on me at the moment as well.