Wednesday, 17 April 2013


It's still ongoing all this rubbish falling out between Sarah and both of the Naughty Twins. I've just seen the lighter Naughty Twin and Sarah sitting on the grass across the way plainly not talking.

I nodded over to Sarah who looked in my direction and mouthed You Ok to her she nodded back but didn't make any sort of a move.

Then the darker naughty twin appeared from around the back and walked past both of them without any sign of acknowledgement, he just blanked them. As he arrived over here he looked back and just stared at them both. This is ridiculous all this everyone not speaking over something that they didn't even have a couple of days again. 

Mind you the longer this is going on the more and more curious it's making me about what on earth it is that's been discovered that's causing so much upset? 
If only George was around I could ask him thank goodness he's not acting all weird, I'm still bemused about what it is that's on Mogsies mind.