Saturday, 20 April 2013


It's been a short night with little sleep all courtesy of our little River. She was up as soon as the light came up and decided to disturb both Stay daddy and me and we're not the only ones she disturbed before most people are even up.

I was so comfy on my chair in our office last night that even though daddy came in as he went to bed to let me know everyone was retiring I just couldn't move. I do feel more sleepy these days I guess it's just a consequence of getting older and when you are comfy, you are comfy. My sleep was interrupted by River deciding to come in and wake me up, she was awake and ready to play. Oh well I guess I may as well get up then and went in to see the daddies who were fast asleep.

I settled on the window ledge just looking out, it was still dark although the birds were up and singing away. River watched me for a while and then decided it was time for her morning cuddle with Stay daddy and jumped up at him. Almost automatically he pulled her up and tried to settle her but she was in a licking mood. Stay gave up trying to get her to settle and I'm guessing not wanting to wake Disappears he got up and brought her downstairs, I followed. 
Almost as soon as she was down she ran outside to do some of those weird things that dogs do in the morning dew. It was at that point that I noticed Doublay was also up early and was in deep contemplation up by the Swinging Heart of Love. That of course didn't last long as soon as River saw her she barked and off Doublay ran.

I've not seen him around here much recently, he and Spit always used to hang around with each other but since Spit's become a daddy I guess he's got other priorities. 

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